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Event Site Selection in Spain

Recent feedback arrives at the conclusion that price isn't everything when it comes to selecting an appropriate event venue for your group and company events in Spain. (Of course, we knew that anyway) In fact it is the least important aspect according to feedback we receive from clients and destination management companies. This feedback and our understanding of what produces a successful event governs the following list that reflects the importance of price compared to other aspects of site selection.

1. Location - Planes, Trains, and…Erm, Ten pin bowling?

An in-house event planner for a blue chip company recently explained that the reasoning for their location choice of Barcelona was that they wanted to be near the new state of the art bowling alley so if they had enough time they could fit in a game or two, perhaps fit in some teambuilding. Fortunately, with our local knowledge we knew that not only was it a local bank holiday for two of the 3 days they were here, but also that the bowling alley was going to be having some refurbishments done that very same week. One of our events staff had driven past it daily and seen the information. We then had a choice to change location or to change the dates so that they could take in the activities that they wanted.

 Stressing the importance of keeping the attendants happy and also the importance of having a network with genuine local knowledge. Conference Coordinator Spain can organise events throughout Spain in popular destinations like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

Whether the criteria includes nearby nightlife, proximity to an airport, or indulging in local culture, location is the most important factor for 44% of event organisers and destination management companies.

2. Past Experience - What if something goes wrong?

Phewwww - During a recent incentive trip for a software company, one organiser recalled us having miscalculated the number of guests, which caused a nightmare of a situation. Conference Coordinator Spain quickly took action with our resources and close contacts in the business, we found more accommodation and even turned accommodation rooms into extra meeting space to cover the clients needs. The potential disaster was avoided.

Feedback and experience shows that 21% of production staff base their event venue selection upon previous successful experiences.

3. Event Focus - Will this suit our requirements?

One thing frequently cited by destination management companies and in house event organisers is that the unique focus of their event is a big factor in the venue selection process. When planning their annual company exhibition one exhibition organiser explained what a difficult exercise it was locating an event venue that met his strict criteria. “The use of high quality projectors, screens and other audio/visual requirements and the shape of the set up are of vital importance to u” he commented. Another large corporate event reported frustration at having only two electrical sockets for a classroom group of over 150 students.

Whether you need to find a venue with a certain meeting space style, seating arrangements or natural light the focus helps determine site selection for 17% of event planners surveyed. Conference Coordinator Spain have vast experience in finding the most suitable venues and hotels and conference venues in Spain to fit your requirements.

4. Reputation - Well, they said it was perfect.

The reputations of venues or conference hotels in Spain can mean everything for the turnout at conferences and events. One destination management company revealed that they selected venues based solely on the recommendations given by peers within the community.

This illustrates that referrals, references, and reputation are included in the top criteria for 12% of meeting organisers surveyed. Conference Coordinator Spain are always in contact with venues and clients and keep abreast of where is 'hot'.

5. Costs and Budgets - We will have to go without.

Prices and budgets make up the fifth most important aspect of site selection for destination management companies, company bosses and event organisers. They often have to find creative ways to keep budgets down to a minimum. One event organiser commented that, upon experiencing hefty budget cuts, they downgraded the venue and completely removed the entertainment section of their annual awards ceremony. A complete let down for the employees. Another event company recalled eliminating ground transportation and having clients and staff find their own way from the hotel to each area of the exhibition centre leading to tired and unhappy attendees.

When it comes to costs, only 6% of coordinators listed price among the most important criteria for finding suitable venues.

Conference Coordinator Spain has a good understanding of budget constraints and will always do our best to make proposals that are within those constraints. We do not add any event management fees or add-ons, all our quotes come directly from service providers themselves. We will often negotiate to obtain better prices or services if it helps create a successful outcome.

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Spain Site Selection

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