This useful calculator can help you decide upon the amount of event space required for a certain number of people within a given room layout.

  1. Determine the purpose of the event: Is it a training session, a conference, a dinner event, or a product launch? Knowing the purpose of the event will help you select the appropriate layout style.
  2. Consider the number of attendees: Knowing how many people will attend the event will help you determine the appropriate room size and layout style.
  3. Think about the level of interaction required: Will attendees need to interact with each other, or is the event more focused on presentations? This will help you select a layout style that encourages interaction or one that is more conducive to presentations.
  4. Evaluate the space: Before booking a space, evaluate the available layout options and ensure that the room size and layout can accommodate your needs.
  5. Plan for any equipment or technical requirements: If your event requires audiovisual equipment or other technical capabilities, make sure the space you select can accommodate those needs.

Meeting Space Calculator

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By considering these factors, you can select the appropriate layout style that will help make your event a success.

  1. Define your event objectives.
  2. Take into account the type and size of your event.
  3. Plan attendee flow to avoid congestion.
  4. Optimize space utilization based on the venue.
  5. Ensure good visibility and engagement for all attendees.
  6. Incorporate interactive elements if suitable.
  7. Prioritize accessibility and safety.
  8. Seek advice from event professionals.